NERD ALERT! I am taking a LIPIDS course so I can really get to know the oils I use in my products and why they are composed of each specific skin conditioning property.

We were told to find an oil buddy. This oil is to go with us throughout the week. I am told to use the oil while bathing, and then during the middle of the day on dry skin. And pretty much whenever I think about using it, so that I can see just why the oil does what it does. To get to really know the oil.

At first I chose MCT oil. But it was quite boring because it is a fraction of the whole Coconut Oil. All fatty acids and unsaponifiables (elements that cannot be made into soap) have been elimated from the coconut oil, with only the medium chain triglycerides remaining.  So I quickly broke up with MCT oil for the purpse of this course, and went over to hang out with Apricot Kernel Oil. 

I quickly learned that Apricot Kernel Oil is made up mostly of Long Chain Triglycerides, which attributes for its light feel and liquid state. It is made up mostly of Oleic Acid, which has a carbon chain of 18, with 1 double bond. I have learned that knowing the carbon chain is key to learning stabillity, rancidity, and absorbtion of oils. With Oleic Acid being a monounsaturated long chain fatty acid, it is less prone to oxidation than polyunsaturated oils but moreso than a saturated fatty acid.

So what does all this mean in a non nerdy way? Apricot Oil is awesome. It is a very good choice for a massage oil, or as a key ingredient in lotions. Due to it's longer carbon chain, it has a light, non oily feel and absorbs quickly. It also has a great Linoleic Acid profile. 

Ways to use Apricot Kernel Oil 

1. As a massage oil - A little goes a long way. Use a small amount of oil, and apply as needed. It will quickly absorb into the skin with no greasy feel.

2. As a hair oil - I forego most conditioners in my hair and go with a light oil instead. I take a pea sized amount of oil, rub it in my hands, and lightly stroke through my hair. This is a nice treat, and keeps my hair tame and free from frizz! Less is better. If you use too much, your hair will have a greasy look and feel so be careful. 

3. Cooking. Apricot Kernel is a great choice to use in place of almond oil. But make sure you are buying ORGANIC, Cold Pressed food grade oil, intended to be ingested. A lot of the Apricot Kernel Oils available are cosmetic use only. So read the label and becareful what you are ordering.  Essential Depot on Amazon has a Food Grade Apricot Kernel Oil available. (This one can double a for food and skin use)

Do you have any other uses for Apricot Kernel Oil?