I love Lip Balm and I love everything about it. I love the ingredients that go into it, the flavor and aroma. I also love how it moisturizes my lips no matter where I am or how the weather is.

That is why I worked tirelessly to make a lip balm for all to enjoy. It is made from a base of that beautiful local beeswax that I featured on yesterday's blog post.  Here it is again in case you missed it.

Douglasville, Local Beeswax, Lip Balm, Handmade Lip Balm

This post may  get a little long, but I wanted to share my process with you. Lip Balm has become one of my best selling products.

When I make my base, I use high quality ingredients. Aside from beeswax, I use unrefined raw shea butter, smooth and silky Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam seed oil & a few others to give the balm a smooth feel. They all get melted very slowly in a crockpot full of water, or a double boiler.

Lip Balm, Make lip balm, melting oil

While the oils are busy melting down and staying warm, I gather up my packaging, and sanatize the tubes. For this I use a 70% alcohol solution and spray the inside, and outside of the lip balm tubes. They then get placed on this nifty little drying rack. 

drying rack for lip balm, sanatizing lip balm tubes

After the oils have been melted for a few minutes, they get blended really well so that there is no seperation. Then I removed the desired amount of the base and place it in a smaller container for flavoring.

making lip balm, flavoring lip balm, melted oils for lip balm

The flavor gets mixed in and then the balm is ready to be put in the tubes. I always double check to make sure all tubes are completly dry before adding oils. My favorite way to add the oils to the tubes, is by using a disposable pipette. It allows me to control every drop that goes into the balm.

fill lip balm, pipette, make lip balm

You can see in the picture above how fast the lip balm cools. I started with the far right container and moved forward. The first balms are already solid. But still warm. They take a few hours to completly cool down.

And there you have it! Caps get put on according to scent and color, then the containers get another wipe down, and labeled. I also add an extra layer of shrink wrap for protection. 

With Infused Bath & Body Lip Balms, there is no need to remove the shrink wrapping. Just twist the lid (hard) and the balm will pop open. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about the process I use to make Lip Balm. I hope you enjoy the lip balm even more!

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