What makes handmade items so special?

From sourcing the materials to planning and producing, the artist is in control of every decision. This means the person you are buying it from, has been the main decision maker in the quality and sourcing from the beginning. 

When I buy my materials for my products I keep these things in mind - 

1. The Price - Is it a price that I can pass on to my customers, allowing them to also get a great deal?

2. Quality - Is it quality I would expect for my own products? Does it exceed all standards in the industry? Is it locally sourced? Imported? Manufactured? 

3. Is it creative? Lots of creativity, planning & testing goes into every product I make. 

4. Is it needed? Is it something that YOU will need & want to purchase?

5. Is it always available? Is it limited? Seasonal?

6. Is it something you will tell your family & friends about? Word of mouth is the best marketing!

So while I do LOVE to make all of my products, and I cannot imagine what I would do if I could not make them anymore, there are so many other aspects to think about, not including the business side.

So when you see handmade, think of a person or very small operation controlling every aspect of the product. You may also be helping to feed someone's family & support your local community. 

Thank You to everyone who supports handmade & local artists. 

Infused Bath & Body, LLC produces Handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lotions, Lip Balms, Candles & much more. In our storefront we have DIY handmade workshops for everyone! 

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