As a soapmaker, I love a challenge. Something to keep me constantly thinking out of the box while exploring and expanding my skillset.  The Great Cakes Soapworks Monthly Challenge Club does just that. 

I am so excited to enter for the first time. This month's challenge was to combine a Melt & Pour soap base, with a cold process soap base. This was exciting, because I love both ways of soapmaking. MP really takes a creative, artistic approach to make it unique and amazing, where as I take great pride in my very own CP soap formulation that has taken me years to perfect.

I decided to dedicate my design to St. Patrick's Day! I call this "Over the rainbow." The green soap is my own CP Soap formulation, and the golden coins, as well as the rainbow are made from a detergent free Melt & Pour Base. I scented it in one of my favorite scents, "Delightful Day."

Hope you like it. I had tons of fun creating it!